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How Long Do Antlers Last?

When it comes to a dog chewing an antler, how long does it last?


The answer is: it depends!


I know that’s not what you want to hear. But the 2 main things that impact how long your antler will last are 1. the dog 2. the antler.


We have customers that only need to replace their dog’s antler once a year. Some get a new one monthly or just a few times a year. If your dog chews through an antler in a few days or less, you have the wrong size.


This article will help you choose the right size antler. If you still have questions choosing an antler, please contact us.

Another meaning to "how long do antlers last" is "do antlers spoil?" The answer to that question is no. Antlers don't need to be refrigerated. They are fine to sit out indefinitely. We don't recommend putting peanut butter or any other food on your antler that can cause mold to grow.

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