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Shop / Deer Antler Dog Chews

Deer Antlers are similar to Elk Antlers, and "shed" from the animal every spring before growing a new pair. Deer Antler Dog Chews are only available in "Whole". 

Deer Antler Dog Chews are good for dogs who do well with Whole Elk Antler Dog Chews. Elk Antlers have more marrow than Deer Antlers. Deer Antlers could be more challenging for your dog as they are denser. Some dogs who tend to be picky are less motivated to chew Deer Antlers because there is less marrow.

Deer Antler Sheds are safe for dogs to chew. They will be challenging because there are no cuts made to them to get the dog started. Deer Sheds are also used for decorations, projects, crafts, rattling antlers or more. 

Choose an antler size based on the dog's weight. You can always choose a size bigger than your dog for more of a challenge, but it is not safe to go down a size. For more help choosing the right antler for your dog, see our guide here

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