Choose the Right Antler Size for Your Dog

We recommend starting with the antler size below based on your dogs weight. You may always size up for more of a challenge for your dog, but we do not recommend going smaller. 


Whole Elk Antler:

For dogs described the following: aggressive chewer, tough chewer, heavy chewer, likes to chew then a “whole” elk antler is for you! Dogs that commonly get whole antlers: German Shepherds  labs, golden retrievers, mastiffs, pitbulls, any mixes of the above and more! It is more challenging for them to get to the marrow because it is only exposed on the ends of the antler.

Split Elk Antler:

For dogs described as: average chewer, puppy, senior dog choose a split antler. They still chew for the marrow and the nutrients. Split antlers make it easier to get to the marrow for less aggressive chewers. They make more progress and it will hold their attention longer. Split antlers won’t last as long for heavy chewers. 


Use the chart below to find a starting point for which size antler you should get for your dog, based on your dog’s weight. Bigger dogs need bigger antlers. The bigger than antler, the sturdier so it doesn’t splinter.


Never choose a small antler for a big dog "just to try it out". This may be a choking hazard. Always choose the antler in proportion to your dog's size. They should be able to hold it in their paws and chew on one end. When the antler get smaller after it wears down, please discard the antler.