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Lure Course

What is it?
It is a fun "track" for dogs. The operator lets one dog and their owner in the course at a time. The operator remote controls the lure forwards, backwards, faster and slower while the dog chases it. Our lure course is fenced in



The dog gets their energy out, while saving yours! It is fun for the dog and fun to watch!

How much?

Price: $5 per dog per run (pay inside store)

How many dogs run at a time?

That is up to you. If it is your turn in line, you may elect to run your dog on their own. If you have more than one dog in your household, you may run them all together. It is not recommended to have dogs that do not know each other to run the lure course at the same time. Each dog that enters must have a paid ticket even if they run together.


Can our club rent the lure course?

Yes, groups may rent out the course for an hourly rate on weekdays or weekends (not available for group rental during our Saturday store hours.) Please contact us to rent/schedule. 

When is the Lure Course open?

Dates are posted on our events page. Sign up for our email list to be notified when the lure course dates are added to our calendar.



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