April 17th at CST Antlers


Our lure course will be open on April 17th! (Weather permitting) Please call ahead if there is questionable weather. 

Our course is first come, first served based on your position in line. No appointments. Buy your ticket in the store and line up at the lure course behind the store. We begin selling tickets at 10am. The course will be open until 4pm. More information on our lure course here. It is not competition size. 


We will be having our first ever antler discount sale! Does not apply to all antlers in the store. 

We have a large selection of "odd size" antlers that will be discounted to half off the price tag. All individually priced from $5-$100. Only available while supplies last. Sale may carry to the next lure course date if supplies last. Not available online, in store only. 


Half off last year's Christmas inventory while supplies last! We go all out for Christmas on our Christmas tree farm and we didn't want to pack up what was left. The leftover inventory is good quality, just often the last one or few of an item left. 

RSVP on our Facebook Link to be notified of last minute details and additional dates added: https://fb.me/e/4f5iUw2k3 

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